Versa Gloves

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Versa Gloves

Versa Gloves are all-purpose, high density polyethylene gloves that are ideal for high volume use thanks to the loose fitting one size fits all design which makes them easy to slip on and off. You'll find literally hundreds of uses for Versa Gloves and you'll love the fact that they are designed specifically to help protect your hands!

Versa Gloves can spare your hands from germs, bacteria, cross-contamination, stains, odours and most importantly the torture of the constant wet/dry cycles that occur when you do a task and then wash your hands afterwards.

Excessive hand washing can lead to dry skin

Our skin protects us from our environment but with the outermost layers only being a fraction of an inch thick, the skin's protective function can easily be broken down. One of the biggest culprits is dish soaps and hand soaps that contain alkaline substances which are a surefire way to cause dryness to otherwise healthy skin.

Throughout the course of a regular day, you might wash your hands seven, eight, nine or even ten or more times. That's a lot of wet/dry cycles. Combine that with the blistering cold winter temperatures and you've got the equivalent of torture for your hands!

Of course you could use a more expensive pH-balanced hand cleanser and institute a strict mositurizing regimen after each hand washing to help restore moisture but that would be expensive and time-consuming.

There's an easier (and much less costly) way

Or you could just try Versa Gloves and see for yourself how they can help save your hands! At a minuscule cost of less than 5 cents per glove, they're the quick, easy and inexpensive way to protect your hands. 

Versa Gloves will get you through those everyday tasks like food prep, taking out the trash, cleaning and more without worrying about germs, bacteria, cross-contamination, stains, odours or those dreaded wet/dry cycles that lead to painful (not to mention unsightly) chapped hands.



top-5-reasons.jpgTop 5 Ways To Use Versa Gloves To Save Your Hands

  1. Food prep
  2. Daily cleaning duties
  3. Taking out the trash
  4. Cleaning up after pets
  5. Hobbies and crafts




Remember there are literally hundreds of uses for Versa Gloves in and around the home!




Save your hands

It's obvious that keeping your hands soft and looking their very best is important to you, especially during the Winter months and with Versa Gloves you can!

Versa Gloves are super-convenient and when you get them you're going to find literally hundreds of practical uses for them. More importantly, you're going to love the fact that they'll help protect your hands and keep them soft and looking their very best this winter!


  • 300 x latex-free Versa Gloves