Swifty Sharp

Swifty Sharp

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    Restore The Razor Sharp Edge On Any Blade In Just Seconds

    The Quick, Easy Way To Bring Back Like New Sharpness To Your Knives, Scissors, Hand Tools And Garden Tools 

    knife-drawer-bw.jpgThe knife drawer... everyone has one.

    It's the place where old, dull knives go to live out their remaining years in obscurity. A final resting place for discarded knives that have been taken 'out of service' for fear that they'd squash another loaf of bread, mash up another tomato or hack up yet another one of Mom's pristine looking Sunday roasts.


    It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

    For centuries humankind has been using knives and other bladed tools - in fact, the knife is quite literally humankind's first tool. 

    While knives have evolved in construction as technology has, there is one thing that is as true today as it was centuries ago... knives are meant to be sharp!

    Restore The Razor Sharp Edge

    Introducing Swifty Sharp, the incredible cordless, motorized knife sharpener that will bring old, dull knives, scissors, hand tools and garden tools back to life by restoring like-new sharpness quickly and easily!

    Knife Sharpening For Dummies

    Using the Swifty Sharp is easy as can be. Simply place the blade in the guide and slide - that's it! The guide is specifically designed to hold the blade at the perfect angle as the high-speed Sapphire Sharpening Stone rotates to sharpen and hone the blade restoring the razor sharp edge in just seconds. Plus, the Swifty Sharp even features a built-in catch tray to grab the shavings that fall away so you aren't left with a mess.


    Swifty Sharp works great on all types of knives and blades including:

    • Chef knives
    • Steak knives
    • Serrated knives
    • Paring knives
    • Fillet knives
    • Cleavers
    • Scissors
    • Clippers
    • Small hand tools
    • Garden tools and more!


    See The Swifty Sharp in Action


    Swifty Sharp Pays For Itself

    Don't throw away another dull knife!  Tossing old knives, scissors, clippers and other bladed tools only to replace them with new ones can cost you a small fortune.

    Instead use 
    Swifty Sharp to quickly and easily restore those old blades to like new condition in just seconds and watch how it pays for itself over and over and over again. Think how many knives and bladed tools you can save from the scrap heap... four, five, six, seven or more! 


    • 1 x Swifty Sharp
    • 1 x Instruction Guide

    ** NOTE: This item requires 4 AA batteries that are NOT included **

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