Polaryte HD

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High Defintion Polarized Technology Holds The Key To Unlocking Your ENHANCED VISION

Imagine a brand new way to enhance your vision and bring the world to life right in front of your eyes.

Now imagine seeing the world around you the way it was meant to be seen, regardless of the sun's powerful glare, and all without sacrificing clarity, colour or contrast.

You're Missing Out

If you're still wearing ordinary sunglasses than you're missing out because high definition polarized sunglass technology is here and it will revolutionize the way you see and perceive the world around you.

Unlike ordinary sunglasses that darken and dim what you see, you're about to discover why Polaryte HD with all new Diamond Vision Technology are designed to enhance your vision and why Polaryte HD's are the last pair of sunglasses you'll ever own.

The Gold Standard For HD Vision

Polaryte HD sunglasses are the new gold standard for high definition vision. They are specially designed to give you the highest levels of grading when it comes to the four C’s – cutting glare, clarity, colour, and contrast.


Polaryte HD enhance your vision and allow you to see things the way they were meant to be - not dim and dark. 

Made To Look Great

Let's face it, how you look in your sunglasses is important - that's why Polaryte HD's are made to look great. The custom Italian design keeps you looking stylish thanks to the ultralight, ergonomic frame which is designed to achieve the perfect fit, no matter what face type you have. Its balanced shape looks great on all face types including narrow, round and oval.

More importantly, they protect your eyes, and the delicate area around your eyes - you get protection from the sun's harmful rays. With Polaryte HD’s, your eyes stay protected, and your vision is enhanced, even through the harshest glare.

The Last Pair Of Sunglasses You'll Ever Buy

Sunglasses can be expensive... really expensive. They're also really easy to lose, break or damage. That's why Polaryte HD’s come complete with embedded magnets that will keep your Polaryte HD's safe and looking new forever.

Now you can easily and securely clip your sunglasses on your shirt, your bikini, your golf bag, or even your purse. Plus, Polaryte HD's are made using ultra-tough, anti-scratch lenses that are virtually impossible to break.

See Polaryte Sunglasses In Action 


If you're ready to experience enhanced, high definition vision that allows you to see the world around crystal clear and glare-free the way it was meant to be, than you owe it to yourself to try Polaryte HD Sunglasses for yourself!


  • 1 x Polaryte HD Sunglasses
  • 1 x Hard Carry Case
  • 1 x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth