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Reclaim The Confidence That Comes With A Brighter, Whiter Smile And Get That Fresh From The Dentist Feeling Without Leaving Your Bathroom


Smiling is contagious. Countless psychological studies and social experients have proved it over and over again. There's even scientific studies that show there is a biological reaction in the brain that occurs when we smile that triggers positive emotions. So why don't we all walk around with a huge smile on our face?

One of the big reasons is a lack of confidence that comes with knowing our 'pearly whites' might not be so pearly white after all. 

The Secret Behind A Celebrity Smile

We're not all blessed with a naturally white celebrity smile. Truth be told, neither are the celebrities themselves. Nope, most of them are taking advantage of the services, tools and technology that mega money can buy.

Daily application of clinical whitening agents, professional grade in-home equipment and outrageously expensive cosmetic dental procedures may not be within reach for ordinary folk like us but that doesn't mean we should have to suffer with the stains caused by coffee, wine, tobacco, food and plaque build-up.

Does Your Smile Suffer From Stains?

Going to the dentist is expensive. And let's face it, we don't all go as often as we probably should. Life can get hectic sometimes and finding the time isn't always easy.

In the meantime, we try and compensate by brushing regularly but sure as the sun sets, unsightly embarrassing stains build slowly over time causing our smile to suffer. With each passing day and every look in the bathroom mirror, our confidence drops.


Reclaim Your Confidence And Spread Your Smile

Now there's a way to reclaim the confidence that comes with a brighter, whiter smile and get that fresh from the dentist feeling without leaving your bathroom thanks to Luma Smile.

Luma Smile is the all-new, high-powered tooth polisher that is designed to brighten and enhance your pearly whites so you can smile again with confidence!


Leaves Teeth Feeling Smooth And Glossy


Together with your whitening toothpaste, Luma Smile's gentle rotating, replaceable tip buffs away unsightly plaque and stains leaving you with that fresh from the dentist feeling every time you use it.

Luma Smile is lightweight, portable and cordless so you can take it with you virtually anywhere - even take it when you travel!

Plus, it comes complete with a unique Hyper Light that helps you illuminate and target even the most stubborn stains - the ones brushing alone won't remove.

But here's the best part...

Luma Smile is so simple to use. In fact, it's easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Attach the included polishing cup
  2. Dab on your whitening toothpaste
  3. Polish

You'll be absolutely amazed by the results you can achieve in just a few short minutes while standing in front of your bathroom mirror.


  • 1 x Luma Smile Polisher
  • 5 x Polishing Cups
  • 1 x Instruction Guide