June's Miracle Cloth 4pk by Northern Response

0.20 LBS
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  • MACHINE WASHABLE, reusable, simply throw in washer, air dry only and do not use fabric softener. Or use warm water to rinse after each clean task.
  • NO MORE CHEMICALS, USE WATER ONLY, save your sprays, paper towels and cleaners, simply wet it, wring it and wipe!
  • SUPER FINE Texture, use as streak-free microfiber cloth, lint-free towels, the secret is the weave, more absorbent yet lighter than regular rags.
  • ALL PURPOSE, window cleaning cloths, lens wipes for glasses, kitchen wash rags, shammy towel for car, dust rags, metal polishing cloth. Large size cloth can be cut into smaller pieces to use as lens wipes for glasses, computer screen wipes, and car cleaning wipes.
  • WORKS WELL ON ALL SURFACES glass, lens, stainless steel, crystals, mirrors, windows, tiles, computers, televisions, windshields, wood, etc.