June's Miracle Cloth 2pk by Northern Response

0.07 LBS
$4.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • MACHINE WASHABLE-air dry only and do not use fabric softener. Or use warm water to rinse after each clean task.
  • NO MORE CHEMICALS, USE WATER ONLY-save your sprays, paper towels and cleaners, simply wet it, wring it and wipe!
  • SUPER FINE FIBER-the secret is the weave, more absorbent yet lighter than regular microfiber cloth.
  • ALL PURPOSE-dish rags, kitchen cleaning tool, auto detailing towels, household cleaners. 16"x16" large size for you to cut into smaller pieces in any shape.
  • WORKS WELL ON ALL SURFACES-glass, stainless steel, crystals, mirrors, windows, tiles, computers, televisions, windshields, wood, etc.

Run June's Miracle Cloth under warm water to rinse before the first use to avoid possible streaking from manufacturing or packaging residue. Machine wash with detergent, air dry only and do not use fabric softener. Only use water when cleaning. Simply wet the cloth, wring it out hard and wipe. Do not dry your glass or mirrors as they will dry streak-free on their own.