GT88 Scratch Remover

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T88 gets rid of all those surface scratches and paint swirls quickly and easily.

Simply rub GT88 into the scratch, then polish it to a beautiful finish.

The scratch is gone! It was

that easy. GT88 got rid of those scratches in less than a minute. It's great.

GT88 is not abrasive. It's a super-fine microscoping crystallite that works its way

into the scratch, erasing it and polishing it away. You don't have to go

crazy trying to match colours. That same tube of GT88 works perfectly on any colour car!

It's the greatest scratch remover ever! The repair shop said they had to

sand, prime and paint. GT88 took that ugly scratch away in no time.

GT88 removes that awful scratch quickly and easily. It is so effective, it'll

even remove paint scrapes, ugly rust from chrome bumpers and

scratches and scrapes from your boat's gel coat.