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DiDi Seven Ultra is world famous for being the toughest stain and spot remover. The new advance formula is designed to instantly remove the toughest stains, and tackle your everyday cleaning needs.

There are hundreds of uses for DiDi Seven Ultra: Kitchen: counter tops, stove tops, ovens, sinks, microwaves, tiles, floors, appliances, etc.; Laundry: Simply spray the stain, place into the washing machine. Always check for colourfastness in an area that will not be seen. Do not use on leather, suede or velvet; Bathroom: sinks, bathtubs, tiles, countertops; Office: Remove coffee and tea stains from your favourite office mugs. Takes care of ink stains as well as food stains; Garage: Removes rust stains from clothes, cleans metal and a whole lot more; Other areas: glass, bloats, outdoor grills, awnings, outdoor furniture, car interiors, motor homes, etc.