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The Simple Alternative To A Complex Digital World That Can Help You Unplug, Unwind And Fend Off The Stresses Of Daily Life

Ever wish you could just unplug? You know, take a breather from the fast-paced, high-tech world you're surrounded by every waking hour. Turns out you're not alone - not by a long shot.

'Coloring books for adults are flying off shelves'

That's the headline from a recent article featured in The Boston Globe. The article explores the huge explosion — and it really is an explosion — in popularity of colouring books for adults. 

Well it's true. Over the past 6 months or so, adult colouring books have skyrocketed in popularity as adults everywhere discover this simple alternative to our otherwise complex digital world.

And, just recently, Canada's own CBC News headline said 'Colouring books for adults a new way to relieve stress' and talked about grownups experiencing the joy of 'staying inside the lines' in reference to this huge international trend. 

So what is it about colouring that has stressed out adults everywhere clamouring to get their hands on an adult colouring book? And why now?

A chance to slow down


In today's digital world, everything is about being connected (dare I say 24/7) and part of that requires processing more data, faster than ever before.

Colouring is the opposite.

According to many avid fans, colouring gives you a chance to slow down, unwind and unplug from our fast-paced digital world.

With colouring you can't just zoom through the page (or point and click for that matter). You have to slow down, pick your colours and decide where you're going to go next. There's an element of focus and concentration needed to avoid going over the lines and that helps all your other worries and concerns fade to nothing.

Perhaps best of all, there's a gratifying sense of joy as you slowly fill your page up with colour then stand back to admire your creation. It's all very analogue and the entire process is therapeutic in so many ways.

But colouring is for kids

If you're reading this and can't help but think that colouring is for kids, think again!

intricate-designs-v2.jpgThe truth is, colouring is an expression of creativity that people of all ages can enjoy - especially over-worked, stressed out adults. Think about it. Our need to be creative doesn't suddenly shut off when we become an adult. We may try to suppress that need but it certainly doesn't just vanish into thin air.

The need to be creative is hardwired into all of us but very few of us have the technical or artistic skill required to start with a blank canvas. For the vast majority of us, a blank sheet is very daunting. A colouring book solves that problem and makes it easy for anyone to express their creativity by just adding colour.

Introducing Colorama

Introducing Colorama, the colouring book for adults that's designed to help you unplug, unwind and fend off the stresses of daily life.

Colorama features over 100 spectacular designs including flowers, paisleys, stained glass and more. Each one is printed on high-quality paper with one design per page so you never have to worry about bleed through. Plus, each page is perforated so you can easily tear it out for framing or to give as a gift.

Here's the best part...

With Colorama, there's no right or wrong way to do it - simply select a page and begin colouring. Feel free to let your creativity flow by using the included 12 Colorama Colours Pencil Set or use your own markers, pastels, watercolours or even crayons. You'll be amazed at how quickly you lose yourself while filling in the beautiful, intricate patterns after a long hectic day. Amazed at how stress seems to melt away while you create beautiful artwork!

Learn More About Colorama


So put down that smartphone, tablet, e-reader or remote control. Power off your TV, desktop, laptop or netbook. Instead, find yourself a quiet, comfortable spot and reach for Colorama!


  • 1 x Colorama Coloring Book with over 100 designs
  • 1 x 12 Colour Colormama Colours Pencil Set