Chef Sheets

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Every Chef's Secret Weapon

Amazing NEW multi-purpose cooking sheet instantly turns ANY cooking surface into a reusable non-stick cooking surface that wipes clean in seconds!

Do you love cooking delicious foods and treats, but hate all the mess and clean up? You know, those messy eruptions that leave your oven a disaster and the endless scrubbing of baking pans and trays? And how about your BBQ grill? that caked on charred mess will take hours of grunt work to clean. That’s no Fun!

Introducing Chef Sheets, the amazing NEW multi-purpose cooking sheet that INSTANTLY turns ANY cooking surface into a REUSABLE NON-STICK cooking surface that wipes clean in SECONDS.

Now you can cook all your favourite foods to perfection without ANY unhealthy sprays or fatty oils thanks to reusable non-stick Chef Sheets!

great-grill-marks.jpgOutdoors, Chef Sheets will transform your BBQ grill into a versatile cooking surface and allow you to cook foods you would have never thought possible to cook on your grill. Not only will Chef Sheets keep your grill clean but they will also fill the gaps so food won't fall into the grill and cause those nasty, food charring flare ups. 

Indoors, Chef Sheets are a baker's best friend and will instantly turn those old baking pans and trays into a new non-stick cooking surface that wipes clean in seconds. Chef Sheets are heat resistant up to 450°F/230°C so they work great inside your oven, toaster oven and even the microwave. Best of all, clean up is a breeze thanks to Chef Sheets!


Easy To Use

You'll love Chef Sheets because they're so easy to use! Just trim to the perfect size, lay your Chef Sheet down on your cooking surface and now you’re ready to bake, roast, toast or grill your favourite foods without any of the hassle. It’s that easy!

tin-foil.jpgEasy To Clean

Not only will Chef Sheets help keep your grill, oven, pans and trays clean, but they're also super-easy to clean and maintain themselves. After use, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or wash with warm, soapy water - no special cleansers or scouring agents needed! Chef Sheets are also dishwasher safe for added convenience. And when they're all clean, just store them flat or rolled using the included ring - it's that easy!


You can use Chef Sheets on any cooking surface which makes it perfect for use indoors or outdoors! In fact, there are so many convenient uses for Chef Sheets you'll wonder how you ever managed without them before.

Here are just a few:

  • Use Chef Sheets to line your old baking pans and trays instantly turning them into a reusable non-stick cooking surface!
  • Use Chef Sheets to line the bottom of your oven or toaster oven and protect it from spills, crumbs and baked on grime - it could easily save you hours of cleaning time!
  • Use Chef Sheets as a work surface for breading and seasoning chicken wings, steaks and more and then simply wipe your Chef Sheet clean!
  • Use Chef Sheets to cook delicious grilled vegetables on your BBQ Grill without having to worry about them falling through the grill!
  • Use Chef Sheets on your BBQ Grill and add BBQ sauces to ribs, wings, burgers and more without having to worry about the mess!
  • Use Chef Sheets to grill and sear fish outdoors without having to worry about the odour or the fish flaking and sticking to the hot grill!
  • Use Chef sheets to cook foods you otherwise wouldn't dare to cook on an outdoor grill including saucy stir fry's, crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes, gourmet pizza and more!

And that's just the beginning - you'll find so many ways to use your Chef Sheets!



Order Your Chef Sheets Today

Whether you're grilling under the summer sun or baking for holiday fun, we know you're going to absolutely love using Chef Sheets!


  • 1 x bake sheet
  • 1 x grill sheet
  • 2 x handy storage rings