Carol Burnett Show

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Over 2 Hours of hilarious classic comedy and musical numbers featuring legendary special guests!

The Carol Burnett Show made the stars household names with such hilarious sketches as "As the Stomach Turns", "Went with the Wind", "Carol & Sis", "Mrs. Wiggins", "The Family", "Nora Desmond" (Burnett's send-up of Gloria Swanson's character in Sunset Boulevard), and "Stella Toddler."

With such famous guest stars as Roddy McDowall, Cher, Vincent Price, Dinah Shore, the Jackson 5, Lucille Ball, Shirley MacLaine, Lily Tomlin (and many more) appearing weekly to bring entertainment into the living rooms of Americans all over the country, the long-running show was nominated for many Emmys and won quite a few.

The Carol Burnett Show classic moments:
  • The Carol Burnett Show is one of Televisions greatest shows in history!
  • Lasting 11 successful years starting in 1967 and ending in 1978
  • Winning 25 Emmy Awards
  • 8 Golden Globe Awards
  • 3 People's Choice Awards.
  • Time magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All Time"
  • Guest appearances from some of the greatest stars!