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Aqua Elements Eye Like Eye Shadow Collection

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    Offer Includes: Sculpting Colour ($17), Eyelid Colour ($17), Highlighting Colour ($17), Colour Enhance Eyeliner ($20), Eye Shadow Duo Brush ($29) and Instruction Brochure.

    Bring your eyes alive with Lauren’s Aqua Elements Eye Shadow Collection. These colors have been specially chosen to bring out and enhance the beauty of your natural eye color. Choose between the Blue, Green, Hazel and Brown Eye Collections. Plus, you’ll save over $50!

    Like Lauren’s Aqua Elements line, the Eye Like Eye Shadow powders are formulated with non-whitening, matte and anti-aging minerals, imported from France. Then the minerals are infused with water through Lauren’s Hydra-Fusion technology. Each shade will glide on micro-fine, evenly and smoothly.

    Ever worry about applying your eye shadow the wrong way and looking like a clown? Not to worry. Lauren gives you a step-by-step illustrated guide to perfect application. She shares her tips and tricks to make sure that you get it just right every time.

    You will receive the following with the Aqua Elements, Eye Like Eye Shadow Collection:

    • Sculpting Color    
    • Eyelid Color    
    • Highlighting Color    
    • Color Enhance Eyeliner    
    • Eye Shadow Duo Brush    
    • Illustrated Instructions
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